Welcome to the Website of Dorn Merrill Kennison; Veteran Performer, Film & Game Designer, Scenic Painter, Art Director, Illustrator and Visual Effects Artist. He is Classically Trained in: Architecture, Industrial Design, Music Theory, Harmony & Composition, Acting & Illustration. In 1995, he began extensive work and study in the very specialized field of Nautical Architecture. This has been a passion ever since.

By the age of 3, his favorite record was Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky's, Suite in 10 movements "Pictures at an Exibition". He would consistently go to the record cabinet to pick this and other Classsics out for enjoyment. As a voracious reader growing up, his favourite Authors included William Shakespear, Edgar Allan Poe and anything Science Fiction. His Father, a Show Horseman & Illustrator, also taught him plastic model making and drawing in 2 point Perspective, confounding his Kindergarten Teachers!

Mr. Kennison's professional career spans over Three Decades; with numerous Feature Film, Special Effects, Studio Recording, Theatrical and Televison Credits.

Over the years, Mr. Kennison has developed an Unequaled Style & Technique of 'Hand Drawn' Artwork, Marker Rendering, Drafting, Illustration and Sound Design. Since 1995, he has incorporated 3D CGI for Film and the 'Advanced Craft' of Computer Game Development. Heraldry, Identity Design and Branding also play an integrral role in Mr. Kennison's Design Process.

Years of exhaustive 'In-the-Field' training in: the Arts, Literature and Performance, has forged Mr. Kennison's personality. The study of Typography Design and Painting with Early Traditional Signage Companies has also given him extensive experience in all phases of Hand Lettering, Illuminated Signage and Neon.

Mr. Kennison has a passion for Small Businesses, Individual Entrepreneurs and Fledgling Start-Ups. He actively supports his local SB Community and Chambers of Commerce. Since growing up with a handicapped (TMH) little sister; and currently a Grandfather of 5, Dorn is also passionately involved with various Hanicapped Kids Foundations and the Boys & Girls Clubs. He is also an avid supporter of the Boy & Girl Scouts of America.

Below is a small sampling of the Unique Work and Stylings of Mr. Kennison.

Thank you for visiting and please check back for additions and updates. Enjoy!


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Production/Set Design & Pre-Vis
Film projects using 3D Studio Max to visualize various Motion Picture scenes, sets, models and props. (Before anyone knew what to call it)
Mars Imax 3D
K-19 The Widowmaker

Johnny Mnemonic      

  Farm Map


B-1B   B-1B
  Raypak   Prototype

nem ASAI  
Trib hq1   spota spencer
    Misc. ID's AI  
vpi   SkyRider   sbullit

Roboto FlashVid 10mb
the Future is Now
Dnt Dilly Dali FlashVid 6mb

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